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GK Horsemanship Equipment

GKH 14mm (9/16") Mecate Reins

GKH 14mm (9/16") Mecate Reins

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GKH Mecate Reins

Mecate reins can be used on both a Bosal or a Snaffle Bridle, connected in such a way that you have a set of complete/loop reins and a long lead rope which is connected either to the saddle or tucked into the riders belt when riding.

Made from the same quality 14mm rope as our Standard Lead Rope Range and the GKH 14mm Complete Reins, these Mecates are great for everyday use. With great feel in the hand, durable, with no change in feel should they get wet.

With 2 Options depending on your Bridle choice:

1 Tassel & 1 Leather Popper for use with a Bosal or with Slobber Straps

2 Leather Poppers for use with Slobber Straps on a Snaffle Bridle.

Available in 2 lengths: 18' or 22'.

As all our items are Handmade to order please allow 7-21 days for delivery.

If you want a different length, to discuss different colour options or rope thicknesses, then please email:

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