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GK Horsemanship Equipment

Soft Rope Loping Hackamore

Soft Rope Loping Hackamore

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GKH Soft Rope Loping Hackamore

Made from a single length of quality 14mm (9/16") double braid rope these hackamores not only look good but also come in a wide range of colours and rein styles.

Providing a side pull action, these hackamores were designed to allow horses to be ridden bitless either permanently or temporarily which is especially useful with young horses going through teeth changes.

The One Piece Noseband and Reins are supported by a Fiador which goes over the poll, ideally secured through the Browband and tied like a Rope Halter. It should be tight enough to support the back of the noseband.


This Hackamore will need to attach a Headstall/Bridle, it will attach to most types and styles although the best is a simple Western Style Headstall where you can remove the Throat Latch and replace this with the Fiador Rope, securing it through the Browband.

Finished with a Hand Stitched Leather Pad, These hackamores do not tighten around the nose.

Options: Connect to your own Headstall, add a simple Leather Hangar or select one of our lovely quality US Imported Leather Headstalls.

Available Options:

22-24" Pony

with 9.5' Complete or 7' Split Reins



with 11' Complete or 8' Split Reins


Full Size

with 11' Complete or 8' Split Reins


Split Reins are weighted at the ends with Leather Poppers.

Measuring the circumference of your horse's nose - approx 2-4 fingers below the cheekbone, where you wish the noseband to sit will give you the size needed.

Rope Type:

Made From our Professional 14mm (9/16") Yachting Quality braid on braid rope. Soft Feel, robust and hard-wearing.

As all our items are Handmade to order please allow 7-21 days for delivery.

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