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Professional Stiff Rope Halter

Professional Stiff Rope Halter

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Professional Stiff Rope Halter.

Choosing the Right Halter:

Here at GKHalters we aim to provide the tools that you want, need and will find useful for years to come, so we have put together 3 different types of Rope Halters to suit all needs and then thrown in lots of choices in terms of size and colours.

8mm Standard Halter - made from 8mm Soft Rope. Soft Rope is the most widely used and this size is suitable for the most peoples training and everyday needs. Soft, pliable, long-lasting and washable. Made from a mixed filament rope it is soft on the horses face while providing the pressure needed from a Rope Halter.

6mm (1/4") Professional Rope Halter - made from 6mm (1/4") Double Braid Soft Rope, this Halter has a little more weight than our standard halters and the rope is thinner to suit those that prefer to work with a thinner Halter Type. Still suitable for most needs and a truly lovely rope to work with. This Halter, combined with a Professional 12' Rope and Brass Swivel Snap is directly comparable to a Parelli Set.

6mm (1/4") Stiff Rope Halter - made from a tough, stiff 6mm rope these Halters hold their shape and are often used by trainers to provide more pressure and a quicker release.

Standard Sizes:  Pony, Cob/Standard and Full.

Need a Different Size?!
We can make Halters to fit all types from Mini Shetlands to Draft Horses
See our 'Custom Halter' Listing to order larger or smaller and bespoke Sizes.

Click here for our Sizing Guide

Choosing a Halter can be confusing so we are here to answer any questions you may have either through our Facebook Page:

or via Email:

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